Untitled (“In ancient times…”)

(“In ancient times…”)

In ancient times, when chill winds blew
And folks for lunch drank reindeer broo
Each passing day the sun held sway for shortening duration
This lessening of lightening
Was generally frightening
And none but durst expect the worst from an overt cessation

As this fact deserved of mention
It was brought to the attention
Of the Magdalenian monarch and his court
Who were most of the opinion
That what passed in their dominion
As consternation, constituted sport?

But the public’s loud bewailance
Finally forced a mild prevailance on the King
Who, at any other season
Would have had sufficient reason
Not to do a thing!

And so, with superstitious rite
They chased away the hasty night
And drove the dread devourer to his lair.
And that the sun, at this request
Resumed its course, should well attest
To all the sure effectiveness of prayer.

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